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Foliage at the Villa Pool, a great place for a Hollywood cocktail
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Frequent Travelers

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International Travelers

From the beginning, Sunset Marquis has catered to visitors from outside the U.S., mostly pale rock ‘n rollers from the UK and Europe with sold-out gigs at the nearby House of Blues who’d forgotten their sunscreen.

But with a staff as diverse as LA itself, Sunset Marquis easily manages to provide superior service with team members fluent in dozens of languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Mandarin, Farsi, and Japanese, to name a few. Oh, and we speak UK English too, but we’re not too well versed in Gaelic. We’re also Globe Trotters ourselves, and that makes us uniquely qualified to better understand the needs of our guests, both male and female, both big and small, and most certainly, both famous and infamous

So if you’ve forgotten your electrical outlet adapters, no problem. We have you covered. Craving some home-style cuisine? No worries there, either. LA has the largest Korean population outside of Korea, the largest Mexican population outside of Mexico City, the largest Vietnamese population outside of Vietnam, the largest Samoan population outside of Samoa… well, you get the idea: with a population as varied as LA’s, there’s pretty much no type of food you can’t find here. From sprawling Koreatown to Little Ethiopia, Salvadoran papusarias to that Ukranian deli on Wilshire, our concierge has the best and most comprehensive list of all the best restaurants catering to any appetite.

We’ll also be happy to facilitate any communication challenges back home you might encounter. If your phone isn’t working or you need help accessing the Internet, we’re happy to organize a temporary mobile option or dispatch our IT experts to help you. Just let us know what our luxury Hollywood hotel can do to make your stay more enjoyable and more efficient.

Leisure Travelers

Hello, Cleveland! Or, you know, from wherever you’re visiting.

Many visitors to Southern California, and specifically Los Angles, choose West Hollywood as the place to lay their head for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s the beaches, the attractions of Hollywood, the world-class dining and shopping, the nightlife, or the dream that you’ll be discovered by a casting director while awkwardly cramming a California roll into your mouth, Sunset Marquis’ West Hollywood hotel location is ideal because of its proximity to everything the City of Angels has to offer.

The beaches of Santa Monica, Venice, Manhattan, and Malibu are easily accessed within 20 minutes via city routes or highways. Hollywood’s Walk of Fame and dudes dressed up as Chewbacca jockeying for position in front of Mann’s Chinese Theater are a mere two miles east. Beverly Hills with its world-famous shopping and replicant population of “real” housewives is two miles to the west. The dining, shopping, art, and sporting complexes of Los Angeles’ reinvigorated downtown is easily accessible from our West Hollywood hotel while locally, shopping at The Grove, Pacific Design Center and the vintage and boutique-clothing stores of Melrose are only minutes away.

For your sleeping comfort, relax in luxurious, oversized rooms and slumber away in beds allegedly made out of marshmallows. If we had a dollar for every time a guest asked to buy our beds, well, let’s just say we could have afforded a much better copywriter for our website. (Wait, what…?) The bathrooms are big enough that film soundtracks and backing vocals have actually been recorded in them and the water pressure in our rainforest showers is positively Amazonian. Minus the venomous snakes and stuff.

In the afternoon, indulge in the Southern California sunshine at either of our two outdoor heated pools. Your evenings begin with al fresco dining on sumptuous cuisine and close out the night with a visit to BAR 1200, one of the hippest speak-easy bars in SoCal. Come to think of it, even with all that Southern California has to offer, you may not want to leave Sunset Marquis at all.

Business Travelers

Despite its reputation as a retreat for icons of the entertainment industry, the suites and villas at Sunset Marquis were originally built with the business traveler in mind. It was a belief as true when our West Hollywood hotel opened in 1963 as it is today: it’s not entirely easy to conduct business sitting on the edge of a bed (depending on your business, of course, but that’s your business). The result was the first purpose-built, all-suite hotel in the country, featuring the essential tools of creativity: ample space and privacy.

Centrally located in West Hollywood, our proximity to Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and downtown LA makes it easy to stay out of that infamous LA traffic, although you may find that most of your meetings will want to join you at Sunset Marquis anyway. A full-service concierge, a spa with individual treatment rooms, two outdoor heated pools, al fresco dining on award-winning food on the patio at our restaurant. This makes all business conversations that much more inviting, and one of the best speak-easy bars in the city truly makes any business visit both memorable and productive.

Some have called Sunset Marquis the “Vortex of Serendipity,” where extraordinary circumstances merge with the good fortune to create an atmosphere where business gets done and business ventures are born. Well sure, it’s a pretty cool space, but a “vortex?” Well, come see for yourself and come up with your own colorful description for this unique boutique Hollywood hotel.

Business Amenities:

North Villa Boardroom
Our North Villa Boardroom comfortably seats twelve and includes a private bathroom and large, flat-screen TV for multi-media presentations. This bright and creative West Hollywood meeting space provides an excellent venue for fostering creativity and open minds, with sliding glass doors that connect to the beautiful villa gardens. Additional equipment such as easels, projectors, screens, or any other items your meeting may require (no livestock allowed on property, sorry…), are also available for rental. Essentials such as notepads and pens are provided and a full complement of catering options are procurable, as well.

North Villa Gardens
With meandering brick paths through a miscellany of foliage, few outdoor venue spaces can offer the serenity, elegance, and inspiration of our North Villa Gardens. Whether you want to host a business networking reception for your team or a five-course dinner under the stars for you and your clients, our luxury Hollywood hotel has the ultimate space for you. We’ve hosted everything from the unveiling of new cars like the Jaguar XJ for a wave of journalists over a two-week period to a fashion show with lingerie models playing croquet while abusing a pool-boy (he was an actor, not an actual employee, so back off, OSHA.) The only limitation to what you can host at Sunset Marquis is your imagination, and the limit on your corporate card, of course.

Our newly-renovated luxury West Hollywood hotel suites offer easily-accessible outlets and media hubs – you know, the kind where you don’t have to rearrange furniture or be a contortionist to access – when conducting meetings in your room either via phone or online. You can even project that awesome presentation to our in-room televisions. And our IT team is always just steps away to assist with any challenges. Most rooms also have desks with space for spreading out your files and electronics.

Equinox Health Club
When you’re ready to burn off the stress of the day or get those endorphins going first thing in the morning and a swim in either of our pools won’t do the trick, take advantage of the superior facilities located across the street at Equinox Health Club, a 35,000-square-foot exercise facility. Guests of Sunset Marquis have free access to the facility during normal gym hours: 5:30 am – 10:30 pm Monday – Thursday, until 9:30 pm on Friday, and from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm Saturday and Sunday. Classes like Pilates and yoga can be arranged as well by contacting the facility directly at 310.289.1900.

Impromptu Meeting Spaces
Like a well-seasoned jazz musician, Sunset Marquis has an affinity for the improvised. More than just a meeting space, the various nooks and crannies tucked along the winding paths throughout our 3.5-acre grounds can be a great source to inspire and conspire. Sunset Marquis offers peace, serenity and a clear head for writing, ruminating, or even forming unexpected partnerships. Feel free to roam, unwind, or if you’d like, request a site tour of our boutique Hollywood hotel. We’re always happy to show off to our guests.

It’s no exaggeration to say that over the course of 50 years of catering to the needs of “creative types,” there’s little our concierge staff has not seen or closed their eyes while cringing and turning away and hoping they can unsee. Concierge services at Sunset Marquis are an art form. Seriously, these people pride themselves on being able to secure virtually anything not prohibited by local, state, or federal law. And apparently, there are places Homeland Security won’t let you fly a helicopter. But other than that, our team and our West Hollywood hotel’s network of restaurants and industry movers and shakers really do lend us the opportunity to get just about anything done.

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