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Zen Moments

  •  Bamboo canopy over the gazebo in the lush gardens of Sunset Marquis West Hollywood
  • A vase-shaped fountain in the gardens of Sunset Marquis West Hollywood
  • View from a lounger by the pool at Sunset Marquis, blue sky and umbrella
  • Step fountain outside Cavatina restaurant West Hollywood

At Sunset Marquis, we’re always looking to find cool ways to chill. Since you already follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook - right? - you know we’ve been easing you into your 2019 work weeks with #ZenMondays. Enable notifications on your favorite social media platforms and check back with us each Monday for the latest Zen Moments from our hallowed grounds.

Now we’re taking your favorite #ZenMondays to the next level. We’ve created hour-long versions of your favorite Zen Moments, so you can let them play while you sleep, at home when you’re relaxing, or to ease yourself into your workload on Mondays. On the first #ZenMondays of every month, we’ll be posting a new hour-long Zen Moment here on our website. So by December, we’ll have gifted you The Sunset Marquis Calendar of Zen.

So sit back, relax, and soak it in - let’s get you into the groove each and every week.

The Sunset Marquis  Calendar of Zen

An hour-long Zen video will be released on our website on the first Monday of each month.

April: Your Cocktail Poolside

March: Beneath Our Bamboo 

February: Hiding in the Villa Pool Waterfall

January: Swimming with the Koi Fish

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